I’m leavin’ on a jet plane….

And I’ll certainly be back again but I’m so so so so thankful for this trip to Detroit. I’m heading out this afternoon and can’t wait! And since I love a list here are the reasons why:

1. I get to see my Boo, the Redhead! We have dinner plans and she’s bringing Spike and the Sun Runner! YAY TIMES FOUR BILLION!

2. I get to run a half marathon as a training run AND get a medal. I love me some bling.

3. This awesome half marathon runs into Canada which is pretty cool because it’s like a whole other country. (Hee hee…)

4. I ADORE working the Women’s Running Magazine booth because I get to meet and speak with so many runners. From first timers to people who’ve run over 50 marathons, it never gets old. It’s really like working at a runner’s Disneyland.

5. Lots of time with my girl D. She is who hooked me up with this sweet side gig and she’s a lot of fun to travel and work with. Not to mention, she totally kicks butt as a runner. The woman can fly.

6. I need a little trip. A little change of scenery. And of course, a little break from the heat. It is supposed to be 86 degrees today. A did I mention how humid it is – still?

7. EXPO STUFF! Ok fine, I’m sure some of the stuff is not needed, but I have found some really great deals at expos.

8. Greektown. Detroit has a delicious Greektown filled with nothing but, yep, you guessed it, Greek restaurants. Dalmades here I come!

9. Possibly seeing THIS GUY.

10. I love to travel. Period.

What are you thankful for today?