It’s Thursday and I feel like this week has just been insane! It started out great since I was feeling the after race glow and blog love, but then it turned into a monster of a work week.

With deadlines looming and emails out the wazoo it’s no wonder that I’m looking forward to this weekend. Dontcha’ just love the weekend? I mean, it’s two whole days of non-working bliss and you can choose to get stuff done or just play, play, play. Both of these options can be good, especially since YOU get to decide how to spend your time instead of the old Boss Man.

That being said, today, I am SO thankful for weekends.

Weekends for me usually involve some sort of running, biking, and/or swimming. I sometimes throw in a tiny bit of housework and fun times with family or friends. This weekend shall be no different.

Saturday I plan on getting in my ten mile long run cause I raced last weekend and didn’t get it in. I know the race should suffice, but something about that ten miler always makes me feel so good. I think it’s because I know it’s helping me keep up my base, which is so important.

After my long run, I’m heading to see ‘Arry Potta with P-Funk and her daughter. I CANNOT wait. In addition to being a total LOTR nerd, I’m also a huge ‘Arry Potta fan. No, I won’t tell you what LOTR is and yes, you do have to say Harry Potter with the British accent.

Sunday I’ve got my summertime 5K, the Run thru Hell. It’s one of my favorite races every year and I have no idea why. It’s hot, it’s humid, it can be muddy and runs through a trail. These are not things I typically enjoy but this race has been my summertime 5K for a few years in a row now. I never look for a PR at this event because of the heat and humidity but I enjoy it just the same. I do so love a 5K!

I also plan on swimming on Sunday barring any late afternoon rain and then I’m going to just lie on the couch and snuggle Lloyd. He loves the weekends just as much as I do.

What are you thankful for today?