Since today is ACTUALLY Thursday, I’ve whipped up a few little gems of thankfulness. I am pretty sure that sentence made no sense, but I do what I want!

Things I am thankful for in photos. Begin.

Exhibit A:

The gentleman to my right is named Silky. No really. That’s his name. I’ve have seen Silky at almost every 5K I have ever run. And he usually beats me. That was until that sweet 5K PR I happened upon two weeks ago. Of course, I’ve been chasing Silky for a couple of years now and he had no idea, so that whole “racing” someone without them knowing is kind of dumb. But, you all know me. I’ll take it!
Thus, I am thankful for friendly competition and mild racer stalking.
P.S. Silky is a very nice man but he did not fail to mention that he was coming off an injury. Heh.
Exhibit B:
Yeah, that’s totally me, chicking two dudes. Thus, I’m thankful for “chicking.” It’s a fun term and even though I get uh, “duded” A LOT, it’s always nice to “chick.”
Exhibit C:
Big Sis, Shorty Shorts, and I. I’m thankful for them both. Big Sis cause well, she’s awesome. And Shorty Shorts cause he’s also awesome. And of course, I’m thankful for my BRIGHT shoes and Lululemon “Unicorn Tears” top that is also LOUD.
What are you thankful for today?