With so much going on this week here in TaperMadnessLand, where I am Queen Crazy, I almost forgot about Thankful Thursday. Tsk. Tsk. Fortunately, I have lots to thankful for right now and since we’ve been lacking in lists on this old blog lately, I figure….IT’S LIST TIME! (I love a list, just sayin.)

Today I am thankful for:

1. Tax Refunds. I am FINALLY getting a refund this year. After a few shoddy years in real estate, my being an “actual” employee of someone else’s has it’s benefits. I’m totally thinking iPad. Woot!

2. Waffle House. I know some of you are thinking, ew, but honestly the Waffle Houses near me are delightful. The service is quick, the food is good, and the people watching is better than an airport terminal during the holidays.

3. Mumford and Sons & Florence + The Machine. Two new music groups whose albums I bought recently, even though they have both been out for a while now. Both awesome and totally worth giving a listen.

4. Nectarines. This delightful fruit is currently in season and goes great with my Fage Greek Yogurt. Also quite tasty in a salad. Yummy!

5. The Weather Channel. Yeah, so you know you are in taper when you are watching the Weather Channel and going to it’s website seventy-billion times a day. Ain’t technology grand?

6. A good debate. With the change of the Boston Marathon registration and time requirements it’s been very interesting to read and hear people’s thoughts on the subject. I’m not blogging on it cause there is so much out there already that my two cents have already been spent.

7. Road Trips! It’ll take about 4 hours to get to Ft. Lauderdale and I am kind of excited for the mini-road trip. Cute K, Caribbean Steve, and I are sure to have a blast! I see a sing-a-long in my future….

8. Birthdays. Did I mention my birthday is coming? It sure is! I love a birthday. Screw that whole getting upset about getting older stuff. I’m like a fine wine dammit. Hahaha.

9. Shellac Nail Polish. Dudes, please skip this one. Well, all dudes except Lloyd, cause we know how he rolls…Anyway, this new nail polish has to be put on at the salon and removed at the salon. It lasts 14 days and doesn’t jack up your natural nails like acrylic. Loves it!

10. Post Marathon Massage. I have one scheduled and I can’t wait!

Well kids, this may be my last post before Sunday. I’m not sure if I have more to say before the big day. I’m nervous, excited, and stoked all wrapped into one. I’m on marathon number five and it still feels like I’m a brand new runner. I wonder when that feeling goes away. Actually, I kind of hope it doesn’t.

Have a great weekend, and tell me, what are you thankful for today?