Happy Thursday friends! I must start by saying thank you all so much for the comments on my post about the elephant in the room. You guys rock!

It’s been a pretty busy week for me and for that I’m a tired B.o.B. I had a holiday get together with the track group on Tuesday and I have three holiday events this weekend. I’m stoked but I have much to do to prepare. I also have a secret Santa at the office tomorrow. Whew! I feel as though the older I get the busier I get during this time of year. It’s bananas!

I do like the holiday stuff but I am one of those people who gets a little blue a la’ Elvis around this time of year. I have never been a huge holiday person since I REALLY love Halloween, but I must admit that I enjoy the parties and food. Man oh man, the food. Heh. It’s also tougher because I miss my dad more around the holidays.

In any event, tonight I’m hitting up a local pub run that is Christmas themed. I’m gonna don(ner) some fun socks and dash(er) about while checking out twinkly lights. And that’s all I’ve got by way of reindeer puns.

One of the other awesome things that typically happens around this time of year is the annual work review. In looking back at my jobby-job this year, I definitely busted my hump and had a great review. I’m thankful that I got a raise from that review because living by oneself ain’t cheap!

So today I’m thankful for: holiday themed runs, Christmas socks, reindeer puns, lots of fun events, amazing holiday food, a perfectly timed and mucho needed raise, and Elvis.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

So what are you thankful for today?