I have the day off today to pack and head to the airport later to go see my favorite redhead and bestie Morgan! We have plans to head up to Traverse City for this fun festival. I’m praying for snow because my Floridian self wants to make a snow angel, snow man, or some other such snow made object. I’m also hoping to have another sushi eating contest with Spike. I still say I won the last one based on sushi to weight ratio alone.

We also have plans to do some wedding stuff and I’ve been promised that even though I’m sleeping in the guest room AKA The Wedding Prep Room there is still room for me to sleep amongst all of the glitter. Just kidding, I don’t think there’s glitter….

Anyway since I’ve really taken this week to dive into tri training I’ve been a spinning and swimming machine. Well, more like a machine who needs a serious tune-up. In any event today I’m thankful for spin class. It’s a seriously awesome way to get reacquainted with the bike when I don’t have time to schlep Dolly out to the trails.

Of course, the first two classes reminded me how much spinning can hurt…

So inappropriate right? Heh.

In any event I love me a good spin class and am and thankful to be past the aforementioned, ahem, hurty-bits.

I’ll be back from the mitten state on Monday and have some fun stuff planned for the blog next week since it’s my birthday week. Email me if you need gift ideas. Hee hee!

What are you thankful for today?