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Yeah, this image just felt right today. Heh.


I swear, thanks to this blog I keep meeting and setting up meetings with the stinkin’ coolest people. For example, I got to do another interview for Arctic Ease with a kick butt athlete named Cheryl Fairweather.

Cheryl made it to the ITU Duathlon World Championships that are coming up in Spain. The duathlon scares the crap out of me for some reason but I guess maybe I should try one some day. Go HERE to check out that interview with Cheryl!

Also, I have a planned blogger meet up for Sunday with KC from 140 Point 6 Miles of Awesome. Don’t you just love that blog title? I “met” KC on Daily Mile and didn’t realize how close she lived. I am hoping to pick her brain on all tri things I can think of. And maybe I can teach her a thing or two on a being a Stooge during a race. What? That’s all I got. Hahaha.

I am super thankful it’s Thursday cause I am so ready for the weekend. Although this week has gone by pretty quickly. I am looking forward to my long run on Saturday. It’s strange how much I miss my Saturday long runs when I don’t get them in.

Hm. Let’s recap what I’m thankful for today shall we? I am thankful for dumb LOL Cat pictures, meeting cool people (what’s up Cheryl and KC!), it being Friday eve, and Saturday AM long runs.

Ah randomness.

What are you thankful for today?