Happy Thursday kiddies! We are so close to Christmas I can scarcely believe it. Time just seems to fly by when you are a hard working, hard training, person. That being said, I wonder if it goes slower for lazy folks? Somebody check into that and get back to me.

Anyway since we are all so busy this time of year and cannot bear to head to the over-crowded, maniacal places they call malls (well I can, but that’s just me, I’m nuts) the wonderful interwebs are here to help. With the invention of online shopping you can get everything bought in the click of mouse button.

Today, my friends, I am thankful for online shopping and these awesome stores below.
NOTE: There are some good stores for dudes so don’t runaway men folk!
1. Fredflare.com Fred Flare has some of the most fun items ever. From mini-foosball tables to books (one called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”) to clothing and jewelry this site has something for everyone. Go check it out, you’ll have a blast just looking at their zany stuff.

2. Shockboutique.com This site is specifically for the ladies. And the dudes who have ladies who are fashionistas. They have great prices and every trendy look you could ever want.

3. Thinkgeek.com I posted this site before but it bears re-posting. This place is for every guy who’s ever seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, anything with zombies, and anything with computers…so basically every guy on the planet. Enjoy!

4. Punkrockracing.com As a nod to punks everywhere this site has sweet running/tri stuff and is put together by our very own bloggy buddy Punk Rock Tri Guy. Hey ho! Let’s Go!

5. Woot.com If you don’t know about Woot, you might want to remove that rock that you are living under. It’s one item per day. That’s it. One item. But it’s usually a great deal and they have kidswoot and shirtwoot and my favorite…winewoot. Woot!

6. Etsy.com Most bloggers seem to know about Etsy since so many us (uh, not me actually) are crafty. Everything on Etsy is unique since it’s handmade.

7. Artisanalcheese.com I love cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese though really? This site has all kinds of delicious cheese and they even have a cheese of the month club. Where do I sign up?

8. Wineofthemonth.com Speaking of cheese with your wine, or wine with your cheese, this is the original Wine of the Month Club. I know many little winos who would love this as a gift.

9. Amazon.com/books You guys are laughing at me for putting Amazon, aren’t you? But while most everyone does know about Amazon, not everyone knows that they have a huge selection of used books for very cheap. I get just about all of my books from here. I find the book I want and invariably Amazon has it at the best price.

10. Roadrunnersports.com AND Runningwarehouse.com This is, after all, a running blog. I couldn’t choose between these two since I have found great deals on both.

Happy shopping folks. Don’t forget your favorite blogger…heh.

What are you thankful for today?