Yesterday morning as I headed out for my seven mile medium-long run I noticed a change in the air. It was cooler and less humid. I could actually breathe without feeling like I was drowning. As I finished my run I looked down and realized I was running really well and didn’t feel too exhausted. And of course all of these things signaled the coming of Fall. Well, as much as we Floridians get.

Anyway as I thought about Fall and all the fun it brings. I, of course, became most excited about the coming of my favorite holiday, Halloween. I know we are a little ways out still but I love Halloween and have already decorated my place. (The wall spiders did their job of scaring the ba-jeebus out of my roommate. Heh.)

Not only do I love to decorate for Halloween but I also love to watch scary movies and dark movies with a twist. So when I came home from work yesterday to my lovely spooktacular abode I felt in the mood to watch a movie. And guess what? I couldn’t decide which one to watch. And what’s even more is that all the ones I wanted to watch were by the same dude.

Tim Burton.

(Oh yes, now she’s getting to the point.)

From Beeltejuice to Alice in Wonderland to The Corpse Bride, I love Tim Burton. And I love his collective body of work. While I could do without Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original is better), the rest remain favorites. I even love Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Mars Attacks!.

Today my fiends, er I mean friends, I am thankful for Tim Burton. And that Johnny Depp can not only act his fine ass off, but the man can sing too. Oh and let’s not forget Helena Bonham Carter, she is so eerily weird and awesome. And of course Danny Elfman. Thank you Mr. Burton for bringing ’em all together.

What are you all thankful for today?