Today I am thankful for chivalry! Guess what? It’s not dead!

The other night during my tempo run in a very cute little residential neighborhood I had an egg thrown at me. Yep. An actual egg was thrown at me by mental midgets. Or kids who just really have nothing better to do. (I am sorry to disappoint you Whitney Houston but I don’t believe the children are our future. If so we are in deep sh!t.)

Because I am so speedy (or they had really bad aim) they missed. I am sure they were on their way to feed the homeless or read to blind children and just happened to have a egg they wanted to give me. But then again, there is the distinct possibility that they were headed to the local Gas N Sip to get some 40’s.

I was running in between two sets of runners. The speedsters, Coach Tom and Coack EK, in front of me were just far enough to hear me cursing enough to make the Devil blush at these ne’er do wells and slowed to ask what happened. Once I explained they did the awesome nice guy chivalrous thing and decided to finish the run at my side.

Being the gentlemen they are, they let me set the pace and even told me that they “had me covered and protected like a condom.” I am a lucky gal to have my very own Trojan Men.

Thanks Coach Tom and Coach EK! You are real gentlemen and I appreciate the fact that you two know how to treat a lady. Even if said lady is cursing like a sailor and sweating like a pig.

What are you thankful for today?