In case you all haven’t noticed, it’s been fairly quiet on this here blog. Frankly, I don’t have a lot going on running or race-wise to post about. I’m still on the injured reserve list but I know it’s getting better and have a PT appointment tonight. I’ve gotten lots of great advice and help from friends and I really appreciate all of the feedback because we know that injuries suck and can lead a person to being sort of…well, a grouch. 

However, I’m doing all the things necessary to get better and attempt not to be sort of….well, an ass. 
In all of this free time I’ve had lately I’ve actually done some normal people things, like sleeping in and watching TV. I have been re-introduced to Jeopardy in the evenings and forgot how much I missed that know-it-all Trebek. Heh. 
Fortunately, amidst all this rest my sister, El Prego, has still not had her baby. I say fortunately because I think McBaby knows I needed something else to look forward to besides just being able to run again. Even if his mama is SO READY. 
His due date was last Wednesday and apparently he’s quite content in making us all wait. I’m particularly fond of the “Is the baby here yet?” emails and calls I’ve been getting non-stop. It’s actually turned into a joke amongst my friends. They’ve been playing the I’ll-keep-asking-cause-I-know-it’s-now-annoying game. It’s cool though because I know people are almost as excited as I am. (No one besides the parents and grandparents are truly quite as excited as I am though really. Singing: Gonna teach him how to shoot spitballs! Gonna teach him how to play darts! Gonna teach him how to be awesome! Boom.)

So today I am thankful that my nephew is taking his time. Yes, I’m dying to meet him and yes I’m going to regale him with tales of how he kept us all in suspense. And I’ll tell him how his Auntie B wanted him to arrive during the week so she could take a day off. Heh. But I am happy that he’s doing his own thing and taking his time. I sense a strong independence with this one and that stubbornness that can only run in this family.

What are you thankful for today?