I freely admit to being a terrible blogger this week. But, of course, I have excellent excuses. My return trip from the mitten was uneventful but I was just so exhausted from the weekend’s wedding activities and so busy at work I’ve barely had time to read any blogs, let alone write a blog post.

Me and the blushing bride

The wedding was an absolute blast (SEE: oatmeal cookie pudding shots), the bride was beautiful (duh) and as hosts, the bride and groom were wonderful (SEE: cupcakes, donuts, and mass quantities of Cheez-Its). There were also quite a few bloggers in attendance and they may or may not have tried to out drink and out dance each other. I’m going to give myself the dancing award. So there. I may have not got in my Gangnam Style at Augusta but I definitely got it in this weekend. Fact: At age 32 you can hurt your knee dancing.

Gangnam Style grand entrance!

As much as I’d like to post a billion photos from the wedding, I’m not going to. I’d rather let the bride do that upon her return from Paris. No one likes a thunder stealer.

While I didn’t get a work out in on Monday, thanks to the no-show yoga instructor. Uh, namaste? I did get in a great swim on Tuesday morning at the college pool. Did I mention the men’s swim team is HOT? Anyway, I did a good four or five practice dives and kept the goggles on.

I was feeling great about the meet until I got the psych sheet yesterday. (Psych sheet in swimming just means line up and projected times of every swimmer.) I’m basically in the back of the pack for the two events I selected. Crap. I am going to see if I can add the 500 because, apparently, I’ve become a distance swimmer. I’m going to get wrecked in the sprints. Oops. To be honest, I’m doing this meet for fun. I didn’t really think I’d be winning a darn thing. I’m a good swimmer for a triathlete. As a swimmer-swimmer…notsomuch.

On the plus side, the gold medalist swimmer, who is also racing, is not in either of my events. Whew! I would have hated to get lapped on a 50 meter swim. Heh. (I’ll tell you who she is after, not sure if it’s a surprise or not. Again, I’m anti-thunder stealing even if I did one tiny tweet about it.)
I hit track again this week. It hurt worse than last week but at least I got moved up to a faster group. I hit all of my times except the very last 800. I was sucking major wind. In a workout that includes an 800, 8 x 400’s, and then a final 800, I’d say that good enough. It was funny when I looked at my times, I was surprised because they are basically the same that I was running before. It just feels harder. Damn endurance.

The thing I haven’t done since the half ironman that I desperately want to (honest!) is ride my bike. I’ve just had a lot going on either in the evening or on the weekends and my poor little Specialized is just sitting there. Staring at me. I swear I’m going to ride next week. I sorta have to. (SEE: charity group ride.)

Yes this post has been all over the place and yes it does have a thankful component. I’m getting there. In looking back over my workouts in the past two weeks, I’m really happy to be doing what I want to do and not what I have to do. I missed track. I missed random gym classes. I missed that feeling of, if I sleep in and work out later, or not, it won’t matter right now. There’s no impending race to beat myself up about.

There are times in my life when I’m so thankful for an upcoming race to give me structure and a spreadsheet. Quite frankly, this ain’t one of those times. I’m currently so thankful to do the workouts I want to do and just really enjoy them. I’ll be ramping up for Ragnar soon enough but right now I’m just happy to enjoy movement and sweating without any goal other than keeping fit and maintaining my sexy. Snort.

What are you thankful for?