I have much to be thankful for today and you know that I love a list, so here we go!

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My YMCA lifeguards/Master’s swim coach. The regular guards on my Tuesday and Thursday morning swims are a trip. This guy and gal usually keep me laughing and have made the aqua yogging go by much faster. Yesterday they sang “I will survive.” The female guard is also the Master’s coach and she’s really helping me work on form which I haven’t had help with in years. She pointed out that my kick is really powerful but I’d be faster still if I worked on my arm speed.

2. My 5K. I think Lloyd mentioned that I’m putting on my very own 5K with my friend Lazy Runner. It’s been a challenge but it’s going to be so rewarding on race day. We’re still looking for more sponsors and items for our goodie bags so hit me up if you are interested.

3. Hampton. Say what? Yes, I’m thankful for my injury. Honestly, this no running stuff has helped me out in cycling more than I could have imagined. I actually want to ride my bike now and I’m getting so much stronger. Can I hang with this girl yet? Ninja please. I’ve got lots of riding to do before I can get anywhere near how strong she is.

4. Spike. This guy is just one of my favorite people. We share a love of books, Doritos tacos, and Red. I wish him the best of luck at his marathon this weekend. Go give him some good luck wishes please!

5. Babies. Uhm, not mine, don’t freak. I cannot wait for my nephew to get here. Baby R is due in about two weeks and I can’t wait to snuggle him. Big Sis is doing great and even though she’s pretty uncomfortable, I think she’s one of the most beautiful preggers I’ve ever seen.

6. Old mix CDs. I found this old mix CD from college and I have been cracking up and jamming out to it. I think it was during a small techno/drum and bass phase because this song was on it.

7. The end of this week. Seriously, this week has just been crazy at work. I’ll be happy when we are past the add/drop deadline and things quiet down.

8. RAGNAR FLORIDA KEYS! I’m not running this race until January but I’m super stoked about it. I really just want to skip to the post race party.

9. This. I’ve already told you guys I’m a 13-year-old boy. And yes, I will buy this for my nephew.

10. People who use their brains. It’s a crazy thought, but I swear there are a few left out there. Heh.

What are you thankful for today?