Have you ever purchased something for yourself that was just so special you kept staring at it until your dog said, “Hey lady, can I get something to eat?”

Well, this is how I feel about my new medal display. (Don’t worry, Lloyd got fed.) I love it! I mean I was dumbstruck when I opened the delivery box and saw how perfect it came out. The email rendering really didn’t do it justice.

A fellow Floridian runner and blogger whom some of you know (Maddy) has a medal display making company called Iron Sport Works. A little while ago I sent her a message about having a custom order done.

She and her husband were so patient with me as I went back and forth with them on the design and wound up selecting the one that they had originally created because it was just so much fun.

The best part about this company, other than it being an actual “mom and pop” business is that they can customize just about anything you want. All you have to do is email them and ask!

Today, I’m so thankful for my new medal display. It’s the perfect size and I’m sure there is plenty of room left for medals to come. I am all about showing off those medals. I earned them and am proud of them. Even the ones were I almost pantsed my poop. Heh.

It would be awesome if you all could give them a shout out on their facebook page, HERE, and take a look at their website. This is a product I truly, truly endorse. That display wasn’t a freebie and it was worth every penny! I LOVE it.

And if you decide to purchase a display with them you can use the coupon code: DISCOMBOBULATE for 10% off your purchase.

So, without further ado….drum roll please…


What are you thankful for today?