With Ragnar looming I have been thinking a lot about sleep. I am not one of those people who can sleep 6 hours and get up all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I need 8 hours. My body alarm actually wakes me up exactly after 8 hours.

Yeah, I am a little nervous about the sleep situation during Ragnar. I will be packing caffeine like Rambo packs heat.

Thus, this Thankful Thursday is a two parter.

1. I am thankful for sleep.
2. I am thankful for caffeine.

Normally, I like my caffeine in coffee form, but sometimes I take in Crystal Light Energy water flavoring packets. I guess I could always bring some caffeinated Gu’s, but I don’t think I need all the extra carbs and sugars for the short-ish legs (Sigh. No, my actual legs aren’t short. The legs I am running are!).

What are you thankful for today?