On this, my 2nd real week of training for Augusta, I’m finding that I’m super thankful for caffeine. I am not sure how I will ever train for a full IM because I currently feel like I work out more than I sleep. I know this isn’t the case and I’m being dramatic and as I get further into the training it’ll all click. I’m readjusting to the early morning workouts. 

I actually put a caffeinated Nuun in my Powerade Zero this morning. Surprisingly, Kona Kola is delicious mixed with grape Powerade. It’s like a grape soda! (Listen, it was 5 AM, I was a zombie. Don’t judge me.)
I’m also thankful for social media because I can complain at length about being tired and “woe is me I have a functioning healthy body and must work out” and I always have people to commiserate with or receive giant eye rolls from. These people keep me honest and if it’s my family, they sometimes tell me to shut the hell up. Always nice to get a kick in the butt. 

I’m thankful that the weekend is thisclose. AND we’re riding hills AND my long run is back up to….wait for it…six miles! I’m so looking forward to running a wee bit of distance again. Don’t worry, I’m taking it easy. Again, many apologies toes. 
Currently lots of stuff to be thankful for in the life o’ B.o.B. Yay! 
What are you thankful for today?