Oh-em-gee. It’s Thursday already? Actually, I’m kidding. I’ve been dying for Thursday to arrive cause it’s been “crunch” week at work and I’m again SO looking forward to the weekend. Aren’t you?

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Honestly, I couldn’t think of a good thankful Thursday today so I’m going with a list of little things I’m thankful for. Here we go….

1. I’m thankful that when I get a text on my iPhone it sounds like a clown horn. It makes me smile every time.

2. I’m thankful that I have two friends competing in an Ironman on Sunday. I love having friends to root for, even if I do think they are a little nuts. (Remind me I said this in two years.)

3. I’m thankful that the Redhead and I can email each other the most random stuff all day long. Yesterday we discussed swimming, her trip to visit, my love of the tri, and of course, boys.

4. I’m thankful that I’m doing my long run this weekend on the ever lovely Bayshore. It’s a rare morning that we don’t see dolphins frolicking while we run. Plus the post run breakfast is delicious.

5. I’m thankful that KC and I are taking a day off in August to go have a swim/beach day where we’ll talk about tri’s, eat some yummy beach snacks, and possibly get rid of our dumb Speedo swimsuit tan lines. Can you say white belly?

6. I’m thankful that I haven’t lost it at work and told someone off. And fine, I’m thankful to have a job, even if it is driving me bananas right now. It’s all good.

7. I’m thankful that P-Funk and I have a scheduled Waffle House breakfast tomorrow. I love my P-Funk time.

8. I’m thankful that I’m doing this 30 day photo challenge the Redhead told me about. I’ve missed a few days but I’ve gotten some really cool photos, if I do say so myself.

9. I’m thankful that Katie signed up for an Ironman. We all know she can do it and I can’t wait to watch her progress as she trains and eventually kicks Ironman butt.

10. I’m thankful that you all keep reading, even when my Thankful Thursday is a tad on the lame side.

Help a sister out and let me know what you are thanful for today.