I don’t normally do an entire Thankful Thursday post on one person. But this week I felt the need to do just that.

This person is always around to make me laugh and help me out. After I fell off of my bike I got an email from him that said, “Beth, I read the blog today you will be alright sister. Everybody falls, even me, I fell a couple of times just rub some dirt on it.” Which of course, made me chuckle and almost choke on my beverage.

In addition to being a good friend to me, he has helped so many in my running group that I felt it was necessary to give him a big shout out (hip-hop radio style) on my blog. So, today, I am thankful for CARIBBEAN STEVE!

In this photo, Caribbean Steve shows off his love of hats. He loves hats, doo-rags, t-shirts worn as hats, sombreros, and many other interesting things one can put on their head.

Caribbean Steve hails from the island of Trinidad. Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever met any Trini’s but they are amazing people. They are very fun and love to laugh. However, they can be difficult to understand. I often find myself translating for new folks in the group as Caribbean Steve explains some long, crazy story to them. Sometimes I just tell them to say “Ok” and keep it moving.

One of the best things about Caribbean Steve is that he can talk while running at pretty much any pace. He’s gotten me through many Yasso 800’s by just telling me stories. These stories are often preempted with “Ey Beth! Story! Story! Story!” I know he’s done this for the many folks that he has helped pace through marathons. He never complains and always has a smile on his face. He constantly checks to see how everyone is doing and he is a wonderful family man.
In addition to talking while running, we’ve broken out in song together during runs. It’s usually some crazy old song like “I say a little prayer for you….” He also enjoys dancing randomly at Ragnar, as evidenced below. (We are laughing because he’s trying not to hurt his back!)

If the world had more Caribbean Steve’s I know it would be a better place. The only downfall would be that the world would only wear old ass flippy floppies and refuse to get a new pair…

(You know I love you C Steve! You are my Best Black Friend! BBF Forever!)

So peeps, what are you thankful for today?