I’m fairly certain I’ve done a post about being thankful for running but I don’t think I’ve highlighted my other love: swimming. Today, I’m thankful for swimming.
For a lot of people who aren’t used to swimming it can be daunting at first. I admit that coming back to it after a long, long time of not swimming I was a little nervous that first time back in the pool. I was even more nervous before my first open water swim. The pool I can handle, the ocean? A lake? I mean, sheesh, that’s what pools are for so we don’t have to swim with marine life. I obviously got over that but the pool remains my favorite swimming body of water. Chlorine and lane lines. Yes please!
In training for this 70.3 I’ve been doing at least two to three workouts a week and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve noticed on my training log that if there is a week where I miss a run or a ride, the swim remains my constant. I just feel at home in the pool. I’m not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but I am currently enjoying it the most.
I’ve told some friends how nothing really hurts when I swim. There are no aches, no pains, no random twinges and no sweat (at least that I can really feel). And when I’m finished I don’t really feel like I can’t move and I don’t get too sore. 
I love that swimming has helped give me more definition in my t-rex arms and that I’ve met a lot of great people at my master’s group at the YMCA. The young woman who coaches the group has helped me tons by way of form and technique. I’ve even made a few buddies that help push me every workout. 
Swimming buddy who always keeps me working.
My swim has already come so far from where I started. I used to consider myself a sprinter but after a few workouts with 400’s and 600’s, I’m feeling more and more like a distance swimmer. I even enjoy those days where I do a 1600 all at once. Go figure.

And because someone introduced me to how much fun swimsuits can be, I have a whole new clothing addiction. My current suit is reppin for the upcoming Halloween holiday. 

 What are you thankful for today?