I am always on the look out for new products that make my life better. Remember that powder I told you all about? Yes, I still use it and yes it’s still The Bomb. Actually, they make a “fragrant” version now! Try it.

Well, I found something else that I now officially cannot live without. *Sorry it’s not running related. Here’s the back story.

As you all know my good friend, the Redhead, comes here to visit and do some of her long runs with me and the BRA. While she is here she uses my shower and I am embarrassed because I ALWAYS have a slow drain. Apparently, I have A LOT of hair (why are all of my Thankful Thursday’s hair removal related?) and I shed quite a bit.

I hate to call maintenance and I have used every drain remover liquid under the sun. None of them work worth a damn. But then the other day I was watching TV and saw this info-mercial. I didn’t purchase it because the made for TV stuff can take weeks to arrive. Instead, I mosied over to my local CVS and perused the As Seen on TV aisle and low and behold, it was there.

I plunked down my ten bucks for it and went home to give it a try. It’s pretty simple really, you shove the wire with the bristly end down the drain and pull out whatever is clogging it. Holy sh!t. When did a yeti and a chupacabra use my shower? Shudder. Today, I am thankful for the Turbo Snake. (I’m pretty sure the Redhead is too!)What are you thankful for today?*I got my seven miles in this morning and no bullies were out.