I’m assuming that most of you know the Christian story of creation.* Basically God creates this dude in his image named Adam. Then from Adam he makes this chick named Eve to keep Adam company. (And obviously to give him someone to race!) Apparently Eve gets all friendly (more like frenemy, hello!?!)with this snake. The slitherer gives Eve some fruit that she in turn gives Adam. And then all hell breaks loose. I’ve always heard that it was an apple. Wha!? An apple?

You expect me to believe that all is this crazy in the world started because of an apple? I’m calling shenanigans here. I’ll tell you why. Apples are not the most delicious fruit out there and I’m thinking Adam would have been all “Nah. Just don’t feel like wrecking this good thing we got going on here for an apple.”

I’m gonna go ahead and state that I’m pretty sure what Eve tempted Adam with was a mango. That’s right kids, a mango.

If you have ever had a fresh, ripe mango then you know what I’m talkin’ bout Willis. The mango makes the apple look like a chump. That’s how good the mango is. I swear that every time I buy some mangos I am going to cut them up and eat them throughout the week. It never happens. I cut them up and they are gone in one or two days – tops. I buy some apples and well…they just sit in the fridge looking all sad. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a mango a day make B.o.B. a happy, happy girl. A happy girl who tells terrible Bible stories, but a happy one nonetheless.

People of Washington, don’t get me wrong, apples have their part in the fruit world. But they are the commoners of fruit. Mangos are the Kings and Queens. They are also good for you and stuff. But, really I don’t care about that. They are just simply delicious.

So today, I’m thankful for the mango, the world’s greatest fruit. (Of course this is my opinion, but I doubt I’m wrong here. Aruge in the comments if you must.)

What are you thankful for today?
*No offense meant in my awful re-telling of the creation story. Just trying to get the mango point across.