How can it already be Thursday? Dang. This week is going by super fast.

Today I am thankful for my Mom. She’s awesome in so many ways. I’ll just focus on her cooking today! After my race on Sunday I went to her house and she made me Spanish bean soup. Apparently, it’s only called Spanish, I think it’s more of a Cuban inspired by Spanish dish.

I am a huge fan and it’s actually quite easy to prepare. But for whatever reason, I’ll never be able to make it taste quite as good as my mom’s.

Yes, that is a Diet Barq’s Root Beer. I hardly ever drink soda and my mom always has these. They are quite tasty if you’re in the mood. Some recipes for the soup can be found here, here, and here. My mom uses chorizo (Spanish sausage) instead of ham and boils the potatoes first. What are you thankful for today?