It’s already Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend! A certain amazing lovely little Redhead is coming to visit and it’s her Florida friends bachelorette party! Of course, before the party festivities we’re going to run with the old gang, eat a delicious breakfast, and spoon in my bed. Just like old times! Heh.
After Sunday’s rough morning, I needed to have a nice, quiet ride this week before the weekend. I got out on the bike dark and early yesterday and instead of riding the standard route on the island, I decided to mix it up and turn on some different streets to try to lengthen the ride and make it less boring. Fortunately, the island is small and you can’t get lost. I mean it. If I can’t manage to get lost, no one can. It may just be impossible.
Anywho, I added another mile to the standard loop and decided that I would try to do each loop faster than the one before it. It was super windy out and when I got near the airport (it may have one plane) I was churning and burning and going a whopping 13 MPH. But then when I got into the residential areas I lost the wind and was able to get in some sprint intervals.
Along my ride I almost killed 42 frogs and only saw two cats who didn’t look like they were into running. Fatties. I saw a jogger in black at the very last minute. Nice light, lady. I got startled by a drain. It was loud. Shut up. Some gravel flew in my mouth. I tried to look like a real cyclist whenever other early riders passed by. And I saw exactly zero squirrels. On the final straight away back to the car I pushed as hard as I could. It hurt, but a good hurt.
As I got back to my car I was feeling pretty good about my ride. It wasn’t super fast or long but I felt happy to be riding and happy that Sunday’s episode was just one of those days. I drove home and belted out Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious with the windows rolled down. You’re welcome neighbors!
I got home and went upstairs to grab Lloyd for his second morning walk. We climbed down the stairs and he happily pee’d on every bush and tree in sight. I smiled as I walked him because I was feeling good and proud of myself. I woke up early! I rode my bike! In the dark!. I went fast! Look at me! I waved to a neighbor heading out to work. Boy oh boy is life great!
It’s at about this time that I looked down at Lloyd and noticed that the tri shorts I had on seemed to have the drawstrings on the outside. I thought it was weird so I bent toward them to inspect further.
I gazed down at the leg bands and thought, the color of the shorts looks different today. I then looked at the crotch. And yup. There was the black shammy for all to see. I had my shorts on inside out.
The shorts happen to be navy so the black shammy didn’t stand out too much. Thank goodness it was dark out for the duration of my ride. Instead of running back inside as fast as I could I just stood there and laughed. 
Today I’m thankful for stories like these because they make me laugh and I hope they do the same for you.
What are you thankful for today?