I’m a total product whore. Yup. I freely admit to buying ridiculous amounts of hair care junk, make-up, body lotions and washes, hair removal products, hair dye, perfumes, and any other items one would associate girly awesomeness with. Dudes, I know you’re all like what the crap B.o.B.? Isn’t this a running blog?* Well, it is but we all know that I like to veer off the old running trail every now and again. I promise I’ll add some “dude” products on today’s list. After all, I know some of you try your girlfriends and wives stuff in the shower when they aren’t not looking.

So today I am thankful for….

1. Sabon. I just found this store and it’s the BOMB. There bath oils smell out of this world good and the men’s line is also amazing.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Liquid Soap. This soap is awesomely organic and can be used for 18 different things (clothes washing, facial mask, etc.) While you can brush your teeth with it, my sister tried that and said go ahead and pass on that use. Make it 17 uses.

3. Philosophy’s Be Somebody lotion. Light enough for the summer and the smell is fresh and clean.

4. My signature scent. I wear Alien by Thierry Mugler and I love it! I hate the name, but the scent is warm and floral all at the same time.

5. Neutrogena Daily Defense Moisturizer. I wear this everyday under my make-up since the make-up I use doesn’t have SPF. It’s light enough for Florida’s hot, humid temps.

6. Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss. I’ve been wearing this lip gloss for years! It stays on really well and is great alone or over lipstick.

7. L’occitan Eeu de Toilette for men. Dudes, buy this. Have make-outs. You can thank me later.

8. Tiger balm. Not really for pretty making, but dang does it feel good on sore muscles.

9. Rimmel. I love a cheap product that works and I’ve yet to find something from this line that doesn’t. Their make-up is inexpensive and I currently use their water-proof mascara. A girl has to look good at a marathon right? RIGHT!?!?

10. Rosebud Salve. Use the original rose scented one, it’s delightful. I put it on my lips, elbows, and heels. It’s super hydrating and if you like the way roses smell then this is for you!

Happy Thursday now get thee shopping for products.

*Track tonight! Woo hooooo! I love me some track.