Happy Thursday friends! I’m in a much better mood today than I was on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think the leg injury and few non-running things just imploded in my brain and I was super grouchy. That being said,  last night I finally got in a run. It was a whole mile! And even though this guy wanted my mile recap to be very exciting with moon walking unicorns and roller skating elephants, it just wasn’t. What it was, was pure awesomeness. 
Jess and I are both suffering through lame injuries so we decided since we are both feeling more on the mend that we’d do our test run at Fit 2 Run since John Pyle was going to be there. Not only was it awesome to run with Jess and vent, it was also awesome just to run. Plus, John Pyle is a super amazing dude. Today, I’m thankful for all of the above. 

I decided to wear my new shirt from Punk Rock Racing and I got several compliments on it. One was from the guest runner himself, John Pyle. He has good taste.

John Pyle and me. Killer ‘stache right? 

Jess and I decided to warm up with a half mile walk and then run our mile. As we got to the half mile point I was nervous to start running. Would I be able to run? Had I forgotten how? Is my leg going to hurt like a mofo? Why is there an elephant with roller skates?

As we got running, I realized I had not forgotten how to run. My leg didn’t hurt like a mofo. And that elephant apparently just wanted some exercise. I am fairly certain we ran about a ten minute mile and as we came back to a walk pace my leg seemed sore but not the way it was when I initially injured it.

As we walked on I was thinking of ways to trick Jess into letting us run more but she was the “running police” and told me no way Jose. Dang it.

Since today is really the true test, I’d have to say I’m still on the mend but definitely closer to being at 75% healed. The leg isn’t doing the weird “twingy” thing it was and I didn’t feel it at all last night while I slept. All good things. I’m going to continue to rest it and may go for another mile run this weekend. I have physical therapy tonight so I think they’ll be part annoyed and part happy I went against orders. Snort.

Before I end this post I definitely need to let you all know about who John Pyle is, you know, in case couldn’t peel your eyes away from this Pulitzer writing of mine long enough to click on the link. John Pyle ran across the country raising money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. He ran from San Francisco to Key West in about 80 days. I’m in awe of this feat and completely respect him as a fundraiser for such a worthy cause. It was very cool to meet him and he, like any other professional runner or celebrity runner I’ve met, was completely approachable and down to earth. We runners are a friendly lot aren’t we?

I’m on the left in my Punky shirt. Jess is next to me in blue and yellow. 

So, what are you thankful for today?