Three years ago today, I lost my father in an auto accident. He was at a red light on his motorcycle when he was rear-ended. The other driver was not on drugs nor was he drunk. He wasn’t texting or talking on the phone. He was, very simply, a bad driver. I’ve made my peace with him, as I can only imagine what he feels every time he sees a motorcycle.

I, on the other hand, see a motorcycle and think of love. My father loved motorcycles. He loved to ride them, fix them, talk about them, buy them, trade them in. He loved the speed and the freedom. And I think maybe my addiction to running provides a little bit of that same feeling for me.

I am so, so very lucky to have had such a great father. I never once had to question how he felt about me and our family and I am comforted by the fact that he knew how much he was loved. He taught me so many things and today I am thankful for all that he taught me.

1. My dad taught me how to eat crab legs.

2. My dad taught me to look at all sides of a problem or argument, and not just my own.

3. My dad taught me to stop fighting with my sister because “You two only have each other!”

4. My dad taught me how to plug up my sister’s nostrils while she was napping on the couch because it was pretty funny.

5. My dad taught me to how appreciate history.

6. My dad taught me how to drive a stick shift.

7. My dad taught me how to swing a golf club (although I’m still terrible).

8. My dad taught me patience. With two very sassy daughters, he, my mom, and step mom are pretty much saints.

9. My dad taught me how to forgive and move on. He always said to not dwell on past relationships and don’t think of those people in a bad way. It just wasn’t meant to be.

10. My dad taught me to only worry about what I can control. If I can’t control it, there’s no sense wasting the energy on worry.

This list could go on and on, and I’m getting all teary just typing it, But I’ll save some of it for another time. If there is one thing I can say to you all it’s please always tell those you love how you feel about them and cherish every moment you have together, because you never know how much time you truly have.

So, dear readers, what are you thankful for today?