I have basically written and re-written this post five times already this morning. I have a lot to be thankful for and yet today I’m just a tad grumpy about this stupid Hampton. I’d be lying if I said I thought I was going to finish the run on Sunday. If I do, consider it a miracle and we can all come back to this blog next week and say something like, “See? And here you were, all doubtful you’d finish.” I am definitely feeling as though this weekend will be my first DNF. I’m just being honest and realistic here people. 
Since Thankful Thursday is all about being thankful for what good I do have going on, I’m not going to lament this dumb injury and instead focus on what’s awesome in B.o.B.land right now. The first thing being my impending 5K, which if you live in Tampa, you can attend. (Registration button is up there in the corner.) It’s a big learning curve but we’re getting through it. I have a new found respect for race directors. God bless em.
The second thing that is pretty cool right now is my new venture into twitter. I have no clue what I’m doing on there but it’s fun to stalk, er, I mean “follow” pro’s and random celebs. Thus far I’m following about 150 pro triathletes and runners and Gwen Stefani. Heh. (I’m @discomBoBruns.)
And finally I’m thankful for post race parties and four day weekends. Since I’ve got a few (more like a ton) of friends racing on Sunday I have No Doubt (Gwen reference intended!) that the post race festivities are going to be awesome. And since I am going to indulge with the post race beverages, I think taking Monday off is the best idea I’ve ever had. Can you say beach day? 
I leave you with a little music to get you through Thursday and as always, what are you thankful for today?