Every once a in while a GREAT opportunity presents itself. And since I’m in the business of being thankful on Thursdays, I’ve got the perfect reason to be thankful today. I recently had the GREAT opportunity to interview an Ironman champion. Yeah, that’s right a professional triathlete. How cool is that?

Well, Carol at Arctic Ease set me up to interview Ironman Canada winner Meredith Kessler. And I could not be happier with the opportunity. Here is a woman who began competing in Ironman races when she was 22 and has risen to the professional level and lo and behold she is one of the NICEST people I have ever met. I may in fact be stalking her a little bit now.

In speaking with others about professional endurance athletes they have met it seems that these folks are just so down to earth and friendly. Our sport rules! And of course, Meredith is most certainly in that category. Yeah, I have a girl crush on her. Just ask Red and Spike about it since I repeatedly peppered our conversations while in Cleveland with “You know who else is from Ohio?” and “You know who else likes Clif Shot Bloks?” And of course they answered, “Meredith Kessler?” Cause they knew it was coming.

I’m just so thankful to have had the opportunity to interview her and so grateful to Carol at Arctic Ease for setting it up. Check out the interview HERE at the Arctic Ease blog.

So what are you thankful for today?