Well this worked out. I didn’t realized that Thanksgiving would fall on a Thankful Thursday. Yes, I know Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, but I didn’t have this foresight when creating Thankful Thursday. Sheer dumb luck.

So since it’s THE THANKFUL THURSDAY of all Thankful Thursdays I don’t even know that I’ll have the space for everything that I am thankful for right now.

To spare your tryptophan laced eyes, I have narrowed it down to one food that I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving.

It ain’t the turkey – makes me sleepy.

It ain’t the pumpkin pie – too sweet.

It aint’ the mashed potatoes – too carby.

It’s the AMBROSIA!

It’s a tradition around these parts for the holidays and I just love it. If you have never had it, it’s basically a fruit salad. But the most delicious fruit salad of all time. I pretend it’s a healthy-eat-it-before-a-run fruit salad, but well, that sour cream and cool whip base ain’t foolin’ anybody. Not to mention the tasty little marshmallows. (Recipe here.)But best of all …. COCONUT!What can I say? You can take a girl outta the island, but you can’t take the island outta the girl…(a nod to my slightly Cuban ancestry).What are you thankful for today?Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had great turkey trots and are on your way to full on food comas.