I’ve been dying to tell everyone some stupendous news (yeah, stupendous, got out the ol’ thesaurus) in six short months, yours truly will be …. an

No, no, no, there is not a crazy science experiment that is going to turn me into a bug, but I couldn’t find a good picture to show that I’ll be Aunt. Except for maybe these two ladies, but I’d rather not chain smoke around my future niece or nephew.

I also thought about using this picture but due to obvious reasons, it would also not make sense. What? Isn’t it obvious? I’m not…a syrup maker. Duh?

All jokes aside, I am thrilled that Big Sis and BIL are in the “family way” as my Granny would say. I’ve decided I’m going to take my niece or nephew under my wing and teach them all the wonderful things I know. Things like how to make the best Halloween costumes ever and how to run a marathon after properly training for it. Oh and how to trick their parents into sending them to Europe for the summer to study “art.” Heh.

I’m so thankful that I’ll get to see my sister become a mother, my BIL become a father, and my Mom & Stepmom become grandmothers. I’m sad I won’t get to see my father with this new source of love and joy but I know he’s watching and is so proud of my sister and will be watching over this sweet baby.

I’m gonna spoil that kid rotten. Auntie B CANNOT wait for this little bundle of joy that I think my family has been needing. It’s truly, truly a blessing.

What are you thankful for today?