Thanks for all of the great questions guys! I was going to make the answers part of today’s post but have decided those answers deserve their own post. If any of you didn’t get your questions in, don’t worry, you still have time. Just scroll down and put your questions under the Ask Away post. I’ll have the answers for you tomorrow.

For today, I am thankful for something that I never thought I’d enjoy: The Trail Run.

In the past I complained about the trail run because it’s hot out there and running through leaves and sand is tough. But on Sunday during the BRA 4 mile trail run something happened. I felt great. I felt strong and fast and while I was as hot as a boiled peanut (it’s a Southern thing), I was really enjoying myself.

The trail run is such a break from the typical sidewalk and street running. I got to dodge horse poop and saw tons of gorgeous butterflies. I also ran through some sand and under some lovely tree covered shade. This is a time when I enjoy being in nature. And can then go home and shower! I also loved it because it was tough. I was sore on Monday and I’m a big fan of an intense run or work out. It feels great to have a couple tough work outs every week. And what better way to do it then with nature! Eff that indoor treadmill stuff (ok, ok the dreadmill has some advantages) but the only thing to see on the treadmill is the TV and some odd folks in too tight of clothing. On the trail there is always a possibility to see something beautiful, like those butterflies.

Yes, folks, this girl has changed her mind on the trail run. And today it’s what I’m thankful for.

What are you thankful for today?