Well hello there Thursday! You sneak up on me every week and I find myself happy to see you and ready to give thanks unto ye. Heh.

OK, so for today I am thankful for my morning drive to work and the station I listen to, Wild 94.1 (O and the Freak Show). You see, I work about 30-40 minutes from home base and drive against the flow of traffic. So while it’s a long drive, it’s quite pleasant because there is no traffic and I just cruise along.

I was lucky to find a station in Tampa that has some of the most hilarious DJ’s I have ever heard. They aren’t overly political or opinionated and they joke around a lot. The bonus is that everyday at 8 AM they have Extra’s reporter Carlos Diaz on and they go over celebrity gossip.

You all know I love, love, love me some celeb news. (Those Gosselin’s sure are taking up way too much of the celeb news air time. I really don’t give a crap about them.)

Today, I learned a great word from the Freaks. Kentaco Hut. It’s even in the Urban Dictionary! I had no idea. But you know what is, right? It’s the fast food joint that has all 3 different, yet deliciously fatty, concepts. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut = Kentaco Hut. There is actually a few in Tampa (we are a healthy lot). When one isn’t training for a marathon (ahem) one could order:

1. 6 piece bucket o’ fried chicken
2. A chalupa and a meximelt
3. a small cheese pizza

Just saying.

Have a great Thursday everyone!