Now that the race is behind me I feel as though I can continue on my regular blog posting and get caught back up with all of you. I must apologize for my lack of reading and commenting as I was being pulled in several directions there for a few weeks. I’m happy to be back in the land of one job. For the time being. 
I am going back to the doctor today for this hamstring. Last week I did zero workouts and just “avoided” the hamstring as much as I could. I didn’t even allow myself to really think about it. I did make an appointment for today to go back and not leave the doctor without a script for an MRI. This injury has gone on for far too long. 
I’m hopeful it’ll show some tears. I say that because if there are tears, then I can move forward and finalize what I need to do for my upcoming race season. Basically, I need to know exactly what is going on so I can fix it. What I was told was a mild strain doesn’t seem to want to heal and the PT and rest I’ve submitted to hasn’t helped. It hurts the most while sitting at my desk and that’s not normal. 
Yesterday I googled and WebMD’s myself into oblivion and found a lot of information on hamstring tears and how they can just linger on and on and on. Awesome. I also found a few articles on injecting ones own blood into the inured area. I know that sounds totally creepy and SciFi, but I’m willing to look at those options.(Here’s the google list of articles in case you are interested.) In fact, a friend who had a glute tear had that procedure and she said it worked for her. If my own doctor gives me more PT and rest, I’m going to make an appointment with hers for a second opinion. 
So what pray tell could I possibly be thankful for today with all that mumbo jumbo above? I’ll tell you. I’m thankful for everyday that I live and everyday that I have friends and family surrounding me. Even though this injury has been a total pain in the butt and has led me to some seriously Debby Downer days, I’ve had a few reality checks lately. The sad and sudden loss of two local runners remind me that life isn’t all about running (I can almost hear the gasps). Life is so much more than running and triathlons and training. 
In fact, a very wise woman recently asked me what I would do if I could never run again. The question did stop me and I had to seriously take a look at what I would do. There are a lot of people who can’t run and those people are perfectly happy. Yes, I love it and yes it makes me happy, but again there is so much more in life to be happy and thankful for. 
I say this and know that it comes from not being able to run and attempting to find out how I can run again but I definitely see that I need to keep my priorities in check moving forward. I want to be a “forever runner” and not take it for granted. So if I have to sit out a few more races, so be it. There will be others. I have many more important and wonderful things in life to be thankful for. 
Thanks for reading guys. Make sure to tell those you love how much they mean to you and if you ever feel that life is just too much, reach out. There’s always someone willing to listen and someone who cares. 
To end this super “PSA” post I leave you with this (because it’s funny)…