While not a big TV watcher (anymore, I was a TV junkie as a kid) I do like the occasional veg out in front of the boob tube. I like my Seinfeld, cartoons, a reality show here and there (OMG SYTYCD is the bomb!), and anything having to do with true crime. Seriously. I am obsessed with crime shows. Now, not the fictional shows with rappers named after beverages, the real ones. You know the ones I mean?

The ones that make you check to see if you locked the front door. The ones that make you suspiciously eye that odd neighbor fellow. The ones that make you wonder if your co-worker has some secrets. The ones that cause you to look in a ditch while running to check for bodies. Ever notice how “joggers” always find dead bodies? I think if I find one I am going to insist the headline read “RUNNER FINDS DEAD BODY” because “jogger” really?


I love ’em. And guess what I found not too long ago? The ID channel. It stands for Investigation Discovery and it pretty much rules. Shows include: 48 Hours, Deadly Women, I (Almost) Got Away With It, Wicked Attraction, Dateline, and so on. It’s basically non-stop TV about crime and criminals. Sometimes they find the bad guy, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they don’t even know who the bad guy is. And for some reason, I love it. Crime stuff has always interested me. Heck, I even took a class on criminal profiling in college. Thanks Mom and Dad! Told you your money wasn’t going to waste! Sometimes I solve the crime before the show ends! So there!

Therefore, today, I am thankful for Investigation Discovery; Making people everywhere overly paranoid and nervous!

What are you thankful for today?