It’s been a great morning and I’m so sorry I didn’t get this post up sooner. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.

My morning has been so great in fact that I am just smiling like a buffoon for no apparent reason. Well, of course there are reasons, but let’s start with a few.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Radio. And good radio. Today, on the way to work every song that played was full-on car concert material. Sure, other drivers think I’m nuts, but they don’t know about my mad car concert skills.

2. Thank You cards. I got a thank you card from a team at work that I support this week and that really made me smile.

3. Dancing. So, guess who’s going to booty shake this weekend? ME! I cannot wait. I need a little dancing and girl time.

4. Victoria’s Secret. It ain’t no secret that her stuff peps up any gal when she’s shopping there. Yes, Miss Vickie and I have a date this evening.

5. Singing in the shower as loud as I can all by myseeeeellffff! Cause, why not? Ya know?
6. Morning run with P-Funk and Hollster. Love my running ladies!

7. Long runs to make up for lack of training spreadsheet. Yup, gonna hit up 13 this Saturday to fill my void. (Thanks to Coach EK for the suggestion!)

I’m ending the list on lucky number 7. Go play the lotto kids and tell me, what are you thankful for today?