Happy New Year’s Eve Eve folks. I’m going to post my New Year stuff tomorrow. Stayed tuned.

In the meantime I do have an awesome new product that I’m totally thankful for. This cool product came to me via Santa Claus (AKA Big Sis). Since Big Sis knows that I am single-handedly filling up landfills with my bottled water consumption, she got me this:

Sorry this picture is so stinkin’ small. It’s the best I could find. However, I’ll just tell you about this cool gift. It’s called the Power Bottle USA.

Basically it’s a water bottle that comes with a filter. The filters are made of ground coconut shells and they help reduce the taste of chlorine in tap water, which is the whole reason I always drink bottled water. I can’t stand the taste of tap water. I’ve been using this bottle with the filter for a couple of days now and I really like it. The water does taste much better and I feel good about reducing the amount of plastic I throw away.

You can read more about the company here (they have a lot of different options) or you can go here and get it from Amazon.com (this is the one I have). I believe they both offer filters that you can purchase separately so that you don’t run out. In the long run the cost of the filters will actually save you money since one filter lasts for about 20 gallons.

I know that most of you are like me and will research and read all of the reviews. The only downside that I saw was that some people said they had a hard time sucking water from the straw. I personally did not have this issue. Just call me Hoover. Ha ha.

So what are you thankful for today?