I must confess that I am not a very good cook. I can follow a recipe and I can make a delicious trifle like nobody’s business, but I just don’t know how to “whip” things up. I prefer to bake, but in general I am A-OK with takeout, with the exception of breakfast which I LOVE and will cook more frequently. On some nights I come home either after a workout or work and just eat random items.

I used to do a much better job of preparing meals in advance and eating the leftovers for lunch. It wasn’t until the other day that I realized how lazy I’d gotten with my food prep. I came home and my roommate said, “So is tonight the night you just eat yogurt and a cereal bar?” Ouch.

So I went to the grocery store and bought some items for a snack that I really enjoy during the summer and that can help tide me over before and after a workout. I present: Peanut Butter Protein Balls!

Ok, so they don’t look super delicious, but trust me, they are. You can find the recipe HERE. I make them and store them in the fridge since the peanut butter can get soft if you leave them out. I use Pubix (store) brand Natural PB (KC’s recommendation!) and EAS chocolate Whey Protein.


Today I am thankful for easy, yummy snacks. This is a recipe for you if you love peanut butter and are a lazy ass like me.

What are you thankful for today?
*After massage and icing, the quad feels 100% better. I won’t run until Saturday still but things are looking good!