Obviously this post is late. But again, I am blaming that pesky new thing called a job. (Hooray for paychecks!)

Anyway, tomorrow night I am going to the local carnival, called Novemberfest, and I am super excited about it. I have always loved fairs and carnivals.

Carnies, vomit-inducing rides, fatty fried everything, rides held together with duct tape and a paper clip equal my idea of a good time.

P-Funk so graciously invited me to go with her family and of course I accepted. The above mentioned items are a real joy to me. Plus, it’s fun to embarrass P-Funk’s teen-aged daughter. OH SNAP! When did I become the old lady friend who embarrasses other people’s children???

Oh well.

Today I am thankful for carnivals and fairs, helping runners undue all their hard work since the invention of beaded necklaces.

What are you thankful for today?


TGIF! Have a great weekend all. I got a 10 miler on deck and would like to report that my two-a-day on Wednesday went really well.