First let me start by saying a huge THANK YOU to those of you have sent me texts, emails, FB messages, well-wishing blog posts, and any other method of communicating good luck. It means a lot and I really hope I can be the support to you all that you have been to me. *Sweaty group hug*

So I posted yesterday to the DR FB page that my co-workers had a pool going on my finish time. It’s really quite funny because my co-workers are not runners but they are very sweet and supportive. I told them my PR and I told them goal and the guesses ranged from four minutes over the goal to 20 minutes under the goal (I asked this person if they thought I was Kenyan).

In any event just as with other race goals I’ve decided to do an A+, A, B, and C goal. I added that A+ goal because I’m still running around in my head about my training and whether or not I’m ready, but this ain’t my first rodeo and I know that all I can do is get out there and do my best.

A+ Goal – 3:34:59 (I just think this is a little reaching…)

A Goal – 3:40

B Goal – anything under 3:48 (my current PR)

C Goal – anything sub 3:50

And that’s really I got. As Jason keeps reminding me, “you’re going to eat lightning and crap thunder!” (I hope so Jason!)

I’ll catch you all after my race and I should have someone post my time on the FB page if you want to get see it before I can get a blog post up.

(Inspirational quotes, phrases, and random good luck comments are all welcome and most appreciated!)