Today I am thankful for John Steelbuns, BRA member extraordinaire. You see Steelbuns is not training for a race. Nor does he particularly love running. He loves PBR. He loves his dog, Boss. And he loves lots of snarky commenting on facebook.

However, due to his need to get a good run in continue drinking PBR and not be 400 LBS, he must run occasionally. Yesterday I asked him to accompany me on my 8 miler. It was by far the hottest run of the summer. But he kept me going. He was like my own personal Dink Dink. He told me some off color stories, as per usual, and made fun of me, as per usual, and set up our half way point with water and Gatorade.

So today, I thank you John Steelbuns. Without your help I may have passed out and gone missing. They’d have to send out a search party for my dehydrated butt.

(Combing the desert, get it?) That’s how hot it was. (Oh, and thanks for all the awesomely supportive comments yesterday. You guys rock!)

What are you thankful for today?

UPDATE: Check out one of my new favorite blogs, and not just because today is my playlist. Music Savvy Mom.