As I mentioned yesterday, I started track workouts with a new group. This group is led by a college track coach who basically gives you an hour’s worth of butt kicking. I was super nervous before I got there but once I got put into a pace group and got running I felt much better. Of course last night’s workout was NOT easy.

We did 4 x 1600 (1 mile) repeats. And if that wasn’t crazy enough we did them at our 5K pace and cut five seconds off each repeat save for the last one. So, for me, it was 7:10, 7:05, 7:00 and then we got a little reprieve back to 7:10 for the last one. Sheesh! Talk about a workout!

I did love the break from the 800’s and really appreciated how this coach times each one of your laps and watches your form. (He yelled for me to lower my arms a few times since I tend to run with them up high. Not sure what that’s all about.) This workout out is sort of like having a personal trainer at the track. And yes, I pay for it, but if it helps me get stronger, it’ll be worth it. I’m investing in me!

Today, I’m thankful for a butt-kicking-non-puking-track workout.

But wait! There’s more!

This morning we Floridians woke to some much colder temps then we’ve had in a while and I personally LOVE it. It was a little below 50 degrees as I headed out to my morning medium long run and I wasn’t too surprised to see the running route, which is normally full of people, a little bit sparse. Wusses. Heh.

Today, I’m thankful for cold fronts.

But wait! There’s still more!

My stepmom and I recently went shopping and she purchased a cool new running outfit for me. I’m calling these pants my Flashdance Ass Pants because they are so flashy and tight on my behind. Heh. They are super comfortable and great for those aforementioned cold fronts. Please disregard my post run sweaty pit. Gross! (Said like Napolean Dynamite)

Today, I’m thankful for Flashdance Ass Pants. Get your very own HERE.

But wait! There’s one more!

Notice what I’m holding in the photo above? Yup. It’s my Advent Calendar. It’s December 1st and I had a lovely breakfast that started with…CHOCOLATE! Om nom nom nom!

Today, I’m thankful for the Advent Calendar and it’s tiny but delicious daily chocolates.

What are you thankful for today?