After my two week break from running, post Jacksonville Marathon, I was and still am trying to find my running love. My 6.34 mile run on Saturday was a great start, to say the least. I felt great, the weather was good, and my friend Meghan was perfect company. I was feeling the love that day for sure!
I’m trying not to over do it because my heels are still a bit grouchy, although not nearly as bad as they were pre-marathon. Part of me thinks that cycling is helping strengthen these baby cows of mine, which in turn, is helping my ankles and heels. I’m not rocket surgeon, but I’d venture a guess that cross training helps in more ways than that.
While my Saturday run was pretty great, I just didn’t want to run yesterday. So, I did what I always do when I don’t want to run. I ran really fast. This seems counter intuitive, but in my brain, the faster I run the faster it’s over. I did an accidental four mile tempo run and scolded myself accordingly afterword. This is not how one doesn’t over do it.

Liz Lemon agrees.

In any case, I’m still finding myself ready to ride my bike and swim and dragging my feet when I know I have to run. I’m sure it’s post marathon training that’s doing this to me but I really need to get over it. I’m going to start bribing myself or something. I know the love of the run will return and I hope it’s soon because I have shit to do!

What do you do when you’ve lost that loving feeling?