Happy New Year everyone! I know you all are either nursing hangovers and wondering who that strange person next to you in bed is (That’s not my beautiful wife!) or you’re the overachieving type already out for a run (you sick bastards). I on the other hand, am more than likely still in bed thinking about a large plate of eggs and bacon, made by someone other than myself.

Since this here post is pre-written, I can only assume that’s what I’m doing and that I didn’t fall prey to the standard, “Let’s do a shot! It’s the New Year! Come on!” In which case I’ll still be in bed thinking about a large plate of eggs and bacon and then immediately barfing. (Let’s hope for the first scenario.) 

Since I didn’t do a year-in-review type blog post, this will be the stand in for it. This is, after all, my blog and thus I shall narcissistically review my year. I can almost hear you groaning. But, I’ll attempt to do my review in a way where we will all laugh at my ridiculousness, mkay? 
In reviewing my Daily Mile stats I ran 943.96 miles. I have no clue how one runs that weird of a number but apparently I did. I rode my bike or spin bike 1,771.64 miles. And I swam 73 miles. Clearly, I prefer to swim in whole numbers.

Not a bad year I’d say. However, these numbers don’t mean much of anything, other than I like sweating. The real meaning comes from the thoughts, actions, and yes, follies of these workouts and/or races. Considering this blog is about my life being “discombobulated” it only makes sense that this last year of training has involved lots of me acting like a fool. I made a list. No one can ever I don’t laugh at myself. 

The 2012 Follies of Discombobulated Running

1. The most ridiculous resolution ever. In 2012, I resolved to be more patient. It didn’t work out so well. And I’m not going to use that “F” word because I’m over it. But I will say this resolution was big fat insuccess. You could say it was almost as tough as trying to find a synonym for the word fail. In 2013 I resolve to maintain my impatience. People just need to hurry the eff up. 
2. I’ll do anything for a donut. On “National Talk Like a Pirate Day” I went to Krispy Kreme and said “Arrrgh!” for a free donut. I got problems. 
4. This is probably the saddest and most hilarious one. I may or may not have left a ride a half mile into it due to anxiety and then possibly killed or maimed a squirrel. And then cried about the whole thing. 
5. Apparently, belly dancing is not my forte. I belly dance like a triathlete.  
6. My hamstring injury was never really an injury. My leg faked the whole damn thing. Hence, my “fake injury” was born. I’m hoping for no injuries in 2013 – fake or otherwise.
7. Some random Hispanic cyclist felt so badly for me on a hilly bike ride that he actually pushed me up a hill. Gracias!
8. I completed a Monster Bash Dash where I’m not ashamed to admit I used small children as human shields. And stole flags back from zombies. Suck it undead!
9. Since I sometimes think of myself as a hard hitting journalist, I interviewed a pro-triathlete and asked her about her pee.

10. I’m not sure what it is with me and pirates, but I ran dressed as one the day after I walked a 15K that almost killed me. Stupid heat. 

11. In addition to just biking more in general, I became reacquainted with spin class. It makes body parts sore. 

12. I stood on a podium all by myself and looked mildly idiotic but didn’t really care. First in age group bitches!

All joking aside, the beginning of 2012 was a little shaky but it shaped up to be a wonderful year. From the craptastic marathon that was Miami to the amazing 70.3 that was Augusta I am so happy for every memory and minute of 2012. We often look back at lows and shake our heads but those lows shape us for truly appreciating the highs. Every day is a gift and I like to try to remember that as much as I possibly can. My heart feels full and light all at the same time. I wish you all the very best for 2013 and I can’t wait to see what comes next.