Ok, so I never saw that movie, but the title seemed appropriate for today’s strength and conditioning shenanigans. I suppose this is EXACTLY what I get for taking so much time off. My arms are already Jello so I can’t imagine what I’m going to feel like later. I still have so much more to learn when it comes to strength training. Heaven help us when they break out the kettlebells…

abbi gym

Please tell me you all watch Broad City? I’m fairly certain I am Abbi.

Anyway, back to strength training.

Today’s session called for a few things I just couldn’t get my body to do. At one point, Coach Jon laughed at how terrible my push up was. But to be fair, it was more of a plank with one leg bent and hovering in the air. Yeah. As if that is something my t-rex arms could do. But damn if I didn’t keep trying. Ugh, so much weak, so much fail.

I’ll admit that for a hot second I felt terrible about myself. I wanted to roll away and out the door.

abbi rolls away

But, I gave myself an internal pep talk and got back at it. Awkward as ever, but goddammit I’m trying. As I told someone last night who said they sucked at swimming. It’s impossible to truly “suck” at something if you are really working at it. When little kids are learning to read or write, do we say, “Kid, you suck at reading.” No, of course not. We say, “Keep going! You’re learning to read.” And in a lot of ways, I’m learning to use muscles that don’t see a lot of action, but really should. I’m also learning that Jon has a never ending supply of exercises that I’m ridiculous at. Yay.

In the spirit of never giving up and keep on keeping on, I am going to get better at strength training if it kills me. And I’m going to do it with a smile on my face and a little pep in my step.

abbi dancing 2