Thus far, my comeback to running has been easier than I expected. I had a blessing from mother nature last week and it was extra chilly for my return to running. This is huge for me as I love, love, love cold weather running. I’m hopeful that Chicago will be nice and cold this year.
On Saturday I hit my new longest distance of six miles. I started as easy as possible and just stayed where I felt comfortable. I opted not to wear headphones because I wanted to hear my breathing and pay closer attention to my body. There were a few moments where I regretted that decision but at the end of the run I realized it was in fact, a good one. My six mile run wound up being at an average 9:14 pace. Again, I wasn’t pushing it so this pace made me quite happy. It seems that my muscle memory favors that nine to nine thirty minute pace. Hooray!
Tonight is another landmark running event for me since my break:  track.
Why did I have Mexican for lunch?
My track Tuesdays are always a lung burning workout so I imagine tonight it’ll be extra painful. I will, of course, be moved to a slower group and I’m ok with that. I need to rebuild these running muscles without getting injured. Speaking of injured, I went to yoga on Sunday and it was quite lovely outdoors. I think I’ve mentioned how this yoga is free (small donations are accepted) and it’s one of my most favorite workouts of the week. I’m also re-committing to yoga, both Bikram and regular flow. I’ve found, in the past, that the Bikram really helps strengthen and balance me out. Apparently, this little dog likes yoga too:

“I”m just gonna sits right here.”

What’s your favorite track workout? Ever had a dog sit on you at yoga?