This week has really dragged on, has it not? I think because I’m looking forward to this weekend so much it’s been moving slowly. The S.O. and I are going to see The Book of Mormon tonight and I’m stoked. I’ve heard great things about it. Tomorrow, I’m FINALLY getting my hair did, and Sunday will be my 18 miler. Lots of good stuff going on. 
I couldn’t think of any really goofy crap I’ve done lately for a Friday Confessions post, but I did think of some random stuff I wanna share. Here we go! 
The Friday List 
1. I bought a preemptive plantar fascitis boot. Man, oh man, it’s dead sexy. Tonight will be my first night sleeping in it. I may bedazzle it for shiggles.
2. After much debate and date checking I signed up for my 2nd 70.3. I’m doing the HITS race in Ocala, FL, in March.
3. So, you may have seen this but, some jack wagon wrote a very obvious “gonna make fun of runners to get reads” article in the WSJ. The always hilarious Remy from Runner’s World wrote THIS rebuttal. Snort.
4. I’m still making and looking for gluten free recipes. I made a most delicious gluten free chicken Parmesan last night. The S.O. fell in love with his and now I’m looking for a new boyfriend. Ba-dum-dum. I’ll be here all week. (I haven’t gone 100% gluten free but the S.O. has. He’s doing great with it too!)
5. As I suspected, I’ve gotten cracked out on running. I want to RUN ALL THE RACES. But I know, come January, I’m going to BIKE ALL THE MILES, to get ready for Chattanooga. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’m going to do an Ironman.
6. I’m working on a custom shirt that is in lign with Why I Run and I can’t wait to get it! I may order extras for sale on this here blog. Stay tuned for that!
7. Even though Rennay mentioned this as being a bit hippie-ish (which I’d agree with), I’d consider acupuncture if this PF gets real. Ever tried it for injuries before guys? Worked for Rennay!
8. I’m getting lots of Road ID’s as gifts for friends and family this season. It’s super important and could save your life!
9. I consider myself a race sign aficionado and THESE signs from the NYC marathon are amazing. The first one shot has an F bomb AND a unicorn. I just died and went to sign heaven. OMG CHRISTOPHER WALKEN.
10. I hope you have a great weekend.