It’s been quiet on the blog this week and it’s because I really don’t have a lot to write about. I genuinely love writing so I’m a bit blue that I can’t think of some good stuff for you all to read, and selfishly, for myself to write. I was so desperate that I went to a blog topic generator. It asks you to type in three fields “preferably with nouns” and then voila – a blog topic. I typed in “farts” because I find them funny, and blank spaces to me mean Mad Libs.
In lieu of an actual topic I’ll just fill you all in on how ironman training goes. (I doubt I could fill an entire page on the history of farts, much to my chagrin.)
I’ve really been feeling in the groove with swimming lately. I’ve typically been hitting two swims per week of about 3,000-3,500 yards or meters depending on the day. I am trying very hard to make that third swim this month since it seems that the swim is the activity that I end up cutting when I need a rest day. My rotator cuff has been feeling achy so I’m keeping close “feels” on it. I’ve never had pain there before and I know it’s because I’m swimming a lot more than I have in a very long time. The master’s group I swim with has been a big help and Tori and Meghan have been coming with me. I currently still enjoy swimming and foresee it being something I want to do forever. I’m hopeful that I can be like the Golden Girl at my master’s group who says “anything less than 1,200 isn’t worth getting out of bed for.” She gives zero you-know-what’s.
Cycling remains the same. It’s not my favorite, but damn if I’m not trying my hardest. I’m trying to hit at least 100 miles per week, which hasn’t been difficult considering how long my weekend rides have gotten. Sunday marked the first very big cut back I took on purpose because I was just so tired. I had 80 miles on my plan but then we got back to ours cars at 54 miles and I just couldn’t go back out. I’m chalking that up to a fairly intense week and the fact that we’ve been riding the big hills almost every weekend. Yes, Florida has hills. They aren’t Tour de France level, but there are quite few with grades of 10-12% and we can gain anywhere from 900 to 2,000 feet of climbing, depending on the route we take. I’m very hopeful that this will prepare me for Chattanooga. It helped a ton for Augusta and as we all know, I’m not planning on winning the damn thing.
Fortunately, running has turned around for the better in that last few weeks. I’m running at least 30-35 miles per week. I was really struggling with those first few long runs and I reminded myself that those first really longs ones of every marathon cycle seem to get me. Starting earlier and running with friends has been a HUGE help. I’ve completed two 18 miles runs and hope to get in two 20 milers. I got a new pair of shoes that garnered a lot of talk on facebook and requests for a review. I’ll get one up after a few more wears. Hint: I look like Frankenstein in them.
Everyone has a different opinion on how much to swim, bike, and run for the ironman. I’m just doing what my coach says and going from there. I have faith in him and I know what tends to work best for my body with longer workouts. To each training, their own.
And there you have it. The History of Farts. Have a great hump day.