After yesterday’s post I was dying to get my hands on the spreadsheet that my track coach was sending over. I may or may not have sent him an email about my plan that said, “Don’t make me stalk you.” Ha! All in good fun though because he sent it almost immediately.
As Joanna, so astutely pointed out in the comments yesterday, there isn’t one real specific plan that is going to work. And this was evidenced by how coach set up my training. Although I can see a lot of the speed sessions that he applied.
In digesting my new plan, which covers the next month, here’s how it shakes out:
  • Four Days of Running per week
  • Either 1 or 2 days of crosstraining OR resting (depending on the workouts for the week)
  • One long run per week – easy, not exceeding ten miles
  • Track with him, once per week
  • Tempo run and/or fartleks once or twice per week
In looking at this plan I can see how he’s trying to help me build my speed back. Running track and fartleks is something I don’t think I’ve ever done in addition to throwing in a short tempo run. For example, next week I have a short tempo run, a track workout, a fartlek, and my long run for my four days of running. This much speed will be new to me but the good news is that they aren’t long workouts so I won’t be killing myself. At least not this month. Har har.
I’m looking forward to trying out this plan and gaining some speed back because these legs and lungs are ready for it. I’ve got my ten mile long run on deck tomorrow with this one and I’m stoked to run with her again. It’s been too long.
Have a great weekend everybody!