The countdown to Choo continues and I’m now 15 days away. I’ve decided to change clothes for each leg of the race because I can’t quite find a tri kit that doesn’t chafe and that I want to ride 116 miles on a bike in. And yes, as of right this very moment, the Ironman Chattanooga bike course is 116 miles. The Race Director made some changes that made the course safer, unfortunately, it also made the course longer. As we all know, I’m not in love with cycling so I’m being positive about this turn of events. I’m glad the course is safer and I’m getting more for my money. I’ll be looking for the 144.6 mile magnets at the finish line.
I’ve been going over my race plan in my brain and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. This is all subject to change of course and I’m open to suggestions or tips. I can’t do much by way of training at this point so I’m just going to trust in what I have done so far. I feel as though a finish line is in the bag. I heart finish lines.
The Swim
As of right now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the race being wetsuit legal. I know the wetsuit is fantastic for a fast swim but I don’t really love wearing one. I’ll be fine either way. Obviously if it is wetsuit legal, I’ll wear it. I’d like to wear a regular suit underneath. Chattanooga is a rolling swim start so Meghan and I have decided to get to transition first thing and then immediately head to line up. I love that Meghan and I are both very in to punctuality and not being concerned with standing around. I’d rather stand around than feel panicked. I have “late anxiety” so this will help curb that and I can just focus on run of the mill race anxiety. Haha.
Change into sports bra, bike jersey of some sort, bike shorts. My Pearl Izumi shorts have served me well on my long rides and I like to think of them as my lucky bike shorts. They may be a tad thin at this point but I don’t think they are at that X-Rated stage yet or I wouldn’t wear them.
The Bike
I plan to bike stupid easy and spin up the hills. I’m going to use descents downhill as active recovery and try very hard not to lose my mind and go bombing down them. I love a downhill. I’ll eat and drink and eat and drink and plan to stop at Special Needs. I’m carrying Herbalife Prolong and Gatorade and water. I drink a lot. Since I am wearing bike shorts I will probably stop to use the potty. As much as I want to pee on the bike, I just don’t think that will be very comfortable in padded shorts. I will eat a combo of Gu brand gels, Bonk Breakers, and Margarita Clif shot bloks (they have extra sodium). This is what I trained with.
I’ll keep on the same sports bra and change into running shorts. I’m wearing my Hoka’s and hope that none of the volunteers have to touch them because they freaking reek. I’ve never had shoes smell this bad. What is up with that? They are currently filled with baking soda stuffed socks to try to help them be less toxic.
The Run
The run has been a question mark for me because as much as I want to run the whole thing, I know that’s not going to happen. So, I’m going to run as much as I can and if I have to walk, I’ll aim for walking aid stations and up big hills. I’ll take what’s on the course and carry Gu brand gels.
I’m getting more and more excited and genuinely feel ready to go. I had a great trainer workout last night and am pumped to finish up my last long-ish ride and run this weekend. I keep thinking about how awesome that finish line is going to be and I cannot wait to spend stupid amounts of money on finisher garb. I really appreciate you all going on this journey with me. The support and encouragement has been incredible. Thank you and have a great weekend!