Happy Friday peeps! Today’s post is a bit largely off topic*, but who cares? I do what I want!

When I moved back to my home town my roommate and I chose to live in an apartment community that we thought was relatively nice (for an apartment community) and safe. We got all moved in and had a few months of quiet enjoyment. The neighbors surrounding us at this time consisted of an elderly couple below (we were loud to them), the family with 17 kids next door (they were loud to us), and some assortment of nice random people in the building across the parking lot we shared.

Then things started changing.

The 17 kid having family moved out and some young dudes moved in (still loud, but at least they are eye candy). The old folks also moved out and I have no idea who is in there now. I think the new people are hermits because I have never seen them. I am Gladys Kravitz don’t you know? Also, the randoms across the way got replaced with what I am pretty sure are drug dealing pimps and prostitutes.

One morning while I was getting into my car a very odd looking woman came out from across the way. She could have been 30 or 80. It was hard to tell. Her hair was like a black rooted-blonde bird’s nest. Her outfit was a cross between pajamas and stripper wear. She was sobbing Tammy Faye Bakker-style and chasing a man to his car. He ignored her and sped off in the Hummer that is/was always double parked. She kept repeating, “I just want someone to pay attention to me! I just want someone to pay attention to me!” I kid you not. Over and over and over. It was a train wreck.

Another time I saw the same dude walking down the street. In a very nice outfit. He didn’t look like he was out for a fitness walk. It was odd. Sometimes I see him with other men or odd looking couples. All at various times of the day and night. At night I am usually peering out my window like the nosey neighbor that I am.

And yet another time my roommate mentioned that he had seen the same bird’s nest hair 30/80-year-old woman screaming to the Hummer driving man, “Tell me you love me! You never say it! Say it!” This was also at about 7:30 in the morning.

I even saw that same woman invite a very obviously creeped out young hottie, from next door, over!

This is when my casually watching the neighborhood turned into a scene from The Burbs. I became completely obsessed with what was going on over there. Part of it was a concern for safety, I mean, there are lots of children in the neighborhood. And I don’t need a live action pimps and hoes party going down 20 feet from my doorstep. Of course a big part of it was and is, just plain curiosity.

All of my Kravitz-ing and Tom Hanks-ing turned ugly yesterday when I got home a saw a syringe in the parking lot. Hell-to-the-no. Sure, someone could have diabetes or are giving themselves hormone injections. But somehow I doubt it. My roommate agrees.

I called the office at the complex and the leasing agent came out immediately.

Me: “Thanks for coming to get that. I am not sure if anyone has said anything to you all, but there is some weird shit going on across the way.” Head nod toward suscpicious apartment.

Leasing Agent: “Oh, we have had calls and are trying to take care of the situation.”

Me: “Oh thank God I thought I was the only one who noticed.”

Needless to say it’s really quite sad. I feel sorry for people with addictions. I know how difficult they are to overcome. I think these people need to get some help. On the one hand, I don’t want to watch anyone self destruct or harm themselves or others.

On the other hand, get the hell out of my neighborhood!

*Have a great weekend and best of luck on your long runs! I’ve got an 18 miler on deck tomorrow.